New website

Since I don’t really keep the website up as much as I should, I decided to move it to a platform that would easily plugin to YouTube and show my uploads.

So now, it should be more relevant automatically, and when I think of it I will post some blog stuff

2 responses to “New website”

  1. Kay Jean Mathews Avatar
    Kay Jean Mathews

    Did you survives that little storm?🙄 I’ve been thinking about you & praying your boat made it through Ian.

    Kay Jean


    1. Hey Kay Jean, thanks for your concern. After passing Florida on a Tuesday, the eye of Ian was forecast to directly hit Hilton Head Island that Friday. So, I took down all things on deck (sails, solar panels, dodger, etc.) and got a hotel room inland on Wednesday.

      When Thursday morning came around, it was clear that the hurricane force winds wouldn’t affect Hilton Head Island, and would hit Charleston instead.

      We got lucky and dodged the worst of it, it was a bit of a nail biter for sure! Hope all is well!


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